The EncaDemia Course Vending Program is for individuals who have special courses they want to sell to the public. Its totally free to become an EncaDemia vendor and the sign-up process is pretty fast. The platform offers specialized tools to create your online training program and have people subscribe to it for a fee you charge. The sharing ratio is 90:10.The vendor takes 90% of every subscription while the 10% is for online payment processing charges and for platform maintenance.


A series refers to the course or tutorial you wish to vend in EncaDemia. Under the Add Series sub-tab, You specify the name of the series or your course title, the short description that will briefly describe your series (in 2 lines) and a more elaborate description that further explains the details and other information of the series.
State the subscription fee and also if the series is in packages.
A vendor can start unlimited number of series and further divides the series into classes or units called packages. A package can be determined by the subscription or membership type, or by any other criteria set by the vendor.
Modifications can be made to the series or they can be deleted if the vendor doesn't want to continue the program.

Course vendors can set the period in days that courses will expire and subscribers will need to re-buy it. Also, the commission field sets the percentage of the course price that will be credited to the referral through whom the purchase was made.

Affiliate Marketing in EncaDemia

EncaDemia offers a robust affiliate marketing system where referrals make a reasonable earning by recommending courses to people through their unique link for that course.
The referral commission is set by the course owner and the stated percent is credited to the wallet of the affiliate after a successful purchase is made. This money can be paid out.
To affiliate in EncaDemia, you need to create an account and be logged in to EncaDemia. Search and Click on the course of interest and on the details page, you'll see three links as follows:

  1. Course Link: This is the default link of the course.
  2. Referral Link: This is your unique referral link that you can share to people and earn a referral commission.
  3. Bit.ly Link: This is a short form of your referral link. You can click on the 'Generate bit.ly Link' to get this unique link
It is advisable to search for courses with high commission and affiliate it. To do that, click on the 'Affiliate Hunt' button on your Dashboard or on the device_hub icon and select the 'Affiliate courses' tab to search through.
As a vendor, to disable course affiliation, set the commission to 0.


The EncaDemia blackboard is an interactive board for vendors to chat, inform and interact with their subscribers.
It has a rich chat interface that allows you to send messages, files and view subscribers to that very series and packages. Where a series has packages, each package constitutes a chatroom and navigation between the packages is with a click. This helps vendors to attend to different packages simultaneously.
Previous chats can be searched when needed.

The Blackboard can serve as a tool to leave important messages so that future subscribers can scroll and read up what has been discussed about the series prior to their subscription. Responses are disabled by default but the vendor can unlock it.


The EncaDemia resource browser is for easy distribution of course materials/books to subscribers.
The left hand pane shows the name of the series and where packages exist, the names of the packages are equally displayed. The files associated to each package is shown on the right hand side.
Add a new resource by clicking on the 'Upload' button, give it a name and browse your computer to select the file.

The resource browser does not allow media files. Only images, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt,pptx and pdf files are allowed.


The Media section of EncaDemia is used for the broadcasting of media content of any format. It accepts the external links to the media file and plays the content in an inbuilt player. The content are arranged as a playlist on the right hand pane and clicking an item launches the player. The player can be maximized to fullscreen display. Items are added by clicking the circled plus icon beneath the players. It can also be edited.

EncaDemia does not allow uploading of video or audio content to the portal. We suggest the use of 3rd party storage services (dropbox, mediafire, Amazon S3, youtube, vimeo, google cloud etc) to upload your content and then supply the link to the file in the URL box. This saves tremendous time to vendors who already have their contents in these platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions Board

The EncaDemia Questions and Answers board is meant to display frequently asked questions and answers of your series to your subscribers. This board should contain expected questions from new subscribers and their answers. It can also give a primary introduction to your series by defining relevant terminologies or features available in different packages. Just any information you think your new subscribers would need to get along. Questions and their answers are supplied by clicking on the 'Add' button.

This should not be confused with the blackboard. Blackboard can contains inputs or questions from students in the course of the program or even tips you passed on while delivering a course. The Q & A section contains preliminary questions or introductory tips to new subscribers.


Tasks are assignments or evaluation exercises given out to your subscribers. The tasks are to be handed-in with a stipulated period of time. To issue a task;
Click on the 'Add Task' button and give the title of the task, the start and end dates of the task. Submitted tasks can be viewed under the Submission tab of the task window.

Submitted tasks can be downloaded collectively as a zip file or individually. Extension of submission end date can be done by editing the task.


The Review board presents all comments, testimonies and reviews from your subscribers. It also shows their rating of your course on a scale of 5. This rating and review is available to the public on the course gallery and goes a long way to form prospective clients' choices.

The comment or review from a client cannot be edited by the vendor but can be deleted.

Messaging System

The messaging system enables the vendor to communicate with subscribers through email, SMS or notifications.

Emails and SMSes are not free and are charged from your account balance.


Vendors can issue tests to their subscribers. Only multiple choice (objectives) questions are allowed and its marked upon submission.
Tests can be configured to either show scores on submission or not. So many options are available to configure the test but advanced tests are better delivered through our partnes at Proxams.

Test questions with images can only be added through the manual method of loading questions. For questions added via bulk upload, images can be added through the edit questions tab.

Performance Grading/Remarks

The Grading System allows vendors to input the overall score or remarks of their students. This is the aggregate or the total or cumulative performance of the students as they will be shown on their certificates.

Students can be marked as 'not graduated' so they won't be able to get their certificates until all stated criteria are met.

Course Certification

Course certification automates the issuance of certificates/awards to students enrolled in a course. The student downloads a customized certificate upon a successful graduation or meeting other set criteria for a course.
This feature is enabled if at least a students has enrolled in a course and is enabled in the Series Management section.

Certificate Customizations
To customize or configure certifcates, click on the gear icon settings on the bottom-right of the certificate page to pop up the certificate config dialog.
This helps to set the basic components of the certificate as explained below:
  1. Title: This is the certificate title e.g. Certificate of Participation, Certificate of Completion etc.
  2. Action: This introduces the title or certificate e.g. the candidate named below..., this is to certify that...etc
  3. DESCRIPTION: This describes or states further details of the certificate or the program that led to the issuance of the certificate e.g. for successful paricipation/ completion of ...,having completed a 4-months program in the course, courses taught in the program include.....etc
  4. Issue Date: This is the date that will be appended on the certificate.
  5. Certificate No. Prefix: This is the format for the certificate numbering system. It can be patterned as per year or course or batch e.g. DEP/2022/2/...., EX-2023-B---etc.
    Note that EncaDemia numbers certificates serially and that could be viewed from the history tab of the certificate configuration dialog.
  6. Criteria for Award: This is the condition that a student must meet before the certificate can be issued. e.g. When a user has been marked as a graduate or no criteria needed-just award the certificate.
    A user is marked a graduate by the vendor when he/she has completed the tasks and tests required for the course and is thus, graded in the Grading/Remark section as a graduate with award degree stated in the remarks.
  7. Signatories: EncaDemia allows a maximum of three (3) signatories and that includes the names of the signatories, their positions and scanned signatures. If all the 3 signatories are available, they'll all appear on the certificate. Therefore, only fill the ones you want to be visible on the certificate.
  8. Company Stamp/Seal: This allows the upload of company stamps or seals that will be appended to a certifcate. Leave empty if you do not want it on your certificates.
Changes must be saved for them to reflect on the certificate. Though EncaDemia provides live preview of the changes as they are been made but they must be saved.

This tab allows the customization of the certificate components.
Heryou can set the margins and paddings of the components, their font-families and styles, font-sizes and colours and toggle their visiblity (show/hide them).
All Google Fonts are supported and can easily be applied. You can choose you desired font style from here, then copy and paste the name on the input field of the components of interest.

This is a listing of all certificates that have been issued to your students and the date the students received the certificate.
Changes must be saved for them to reflect on the certificate. Though EncaDemia provides live preview of the changes as they are been made but they must be saved.

EncaDemia supports the use of placeholders to insert specific word strings into the certificate component. Placeholders are enclosed in brace brackets {} and get replaced with the real word in the certificate.
Suported placeholders are {user}, {title}, {course}, {group}, {date}, {certno}, {signatory}, {position}, {grade}, {organization}.
E.g. 'this {title} has been awarded to {user} who participated in {course} with option in {group} organized by {organization} on {date} and graduated with {grade}' will read 'this certificate of participation has been awarded to Eze Daramola Ahmed who participated in Human Resource Management with option in Customer Relations Advisory organized by Exelsor Group Ltd on 12th Dec, 2022 and gradauted with Distinction ...

EncaDemia provides 15 pre-built certificate templates that can be easily used by any vendor with little or no changes.
EncaDemia equally provides nearly 200 frames that can be applied to change the design, feel and frame to make certificates unique and beautiful.
To do this, first of all choose a certifcate of choice from the pre-built templates, then scroll down the page and click on 'Save This Template For This Course'. Then cick on the 'Change Frame' button and choose a desired frame.
Note: Frame orientations are divided into two: landscape and portrait denoted by L and P respectively. As a general rule of thumb, landscape pre-built template must go with landscape frames and portrait templates must go with portrait frames.
To save a chosen frame, click on the 'Apply' button below the frame gallery.
To reset to the default frame of the template, click on the 'Reset Default Frame' button.

Subscribers' Management

The subscribers page shows the number of subscribers that have enrolled for your series, their email addresses, phone numbers, date joined and pictures (if supplied).
You can add subscribers to your course or move a subscriber from one course to another.

This only gives a comprehensive list of all students that enrolled for the series irrespective of their packages. That option is available in the sales page.
To add or move subscribers, you must have the equivalent commission (10%) due to EncaDemia in your account balance. This will be deducted upon successful addition of subscribers.


The sales page presents a periodic sales summary of your products and other vital purchase information (item, package, price and date of purchase).
The Sales page can be located by clicking the 'Balance' button on the Dashboard page or from the profile dropdown menu on the top left..

The header columns of the sales table can be sorted by clicking on any of them. Also, table search is done by typing the search terms on the 'search field' on the right hand side.


EncaDemia features a rich payout interface that allows vendors to pay out their earnings in any currency of choice. With EncaDemia, you can earn in dollars or Nigerian Naira (for the African market) and can pay out your earnings accordingly. The Currency Exchange Box located in the 'Exchange' button besides the 'Withdrawal Request panel' allows you to convert your earnings from one currency to the other and then pay out earnings in your choice currency. The conversion rate is determined by the day's conversion rate as supplied by G-Exchange and is always current.

Pay out to local bank accounts are processed in less than 24hrs while those in dollars are done in less than 12 hrs.
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